Church on the Move

The church advances in direct proportion to the preparation, passion, and committed performance of its people. As leadership rises to the top, vision moves to the front. Definable goals are then able to be established and implemented.

There needs to be a clear and concise vision that is always before the people. The vision goes beyond the mission statement. It addresses the call of God for people’s lives. It embraces every individual and flows through every relationship until there is unity in purpose and agility in every exercise of faith and life. Engagement in the well being of a growing church demands loyalty, flexibility, and adaptability in service. Love is the source that brings us all together. Purpose is the force that moves us ahead.

Everyone knows the old formula developed by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto that 20% of the people do 80% of the work and give 80% of the money. We must change that ratio of the 80/20 principle with a vision for 100% commitment. In every relationship if everyone is giving 100%, then in every set of circumstances everyone will be receiving the benefit of all that is given. They will receive the blessing of those who are totally committed to the purposes for which they all re brought together as the body of Christ.

Many of our churches are so glad to get people in the pews that they make no demands on  people apart from a statement of faith when they join the church. It is important that we address the responsibilities of commitment and dedication from the first moment of receptivity. When a person is looking for redemption don’t offer them a plan of reform that allows them to remain in their own comfort zone. The very word repentance is about turning from the old to the new and listening to God not the systems of the old wineskins. I will try to work toward building on this in coming blogs but in the meanwhile I would like to encourage you to take a look and my new book “More Than Volunteers.” It will be a great asset in helping the church get people out of the pews and into service for the King of Kings.


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