For the Joy

                                                          By Charles S. Rigby

 Most of us feel that joy 

Is birthed in the comfort zone of life.

A place where the celebration of ecstasy reigns

And life is experiencing its most buoyant moment.

But joy is not birthed in celebration 

Rather in the crucible of fire and testing.

 When the crushing possibility of defeat 

Demands that we run the gauntlet 

Of patience, pain, and adversity 

We find the final outcome of truth upon our lives

As a forged ingot of pureness in accomplished love

And along the road of divine purpose 

We find joy.

 Joys comes as God would have it come 

Not through frivolous fervor or shallow superficial thought

But through timely testing, toil, and trust.

It’s not decided by the board of directors

Or inherited in the genes.

It is not passed down through tradition 

Or recreated by events of ritual

That have long since lost their reality.


Joy comes at the end of long nights of faithfulness 

By people who desire 

To put all things created together at the right time, 

At the right place, 

And for the right reasons.

In the end they experience one of God’s greatest gifts. 

Joy, that fills the heart forever. 



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