Fox Holes or Bomb Craters


Someone once said, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” In today’s world there are fewer and fewer fox holes and more atheists. On the enemy side there is the deeper and deeper burying of bounty assets. On the other side there are the strategic strikes that are made by laser guided bombs, blasting holes in the fields of the enemy in hopes that the enemy will comply to the wishes of other people’s determinations. 

 In the end all that we have left are buried assets and the craters left by the bombs with no idea of how many lives have been affected.  “No boots on the ground” has become the mantra. Let’s keep our people out of harm’s way. Well, someone is always in harm’s way, but who? The “no atheists in fox holes” comment means that when we find ourselves in harm’s way, we are driven to reach beyond our selves for help. We pray. We seek for heaven’s favor. We hope that help is on the way.  

The term “fox hole” has taken on new meaning as a metaphor for protection. There are many people who are driven to digging fox holes of debt, broken relationships, immorality, drugs, politics, healthcare, and many others. Many circle their emotional wagons to protect themselves from broken promises, overreaching, and bad choices.  The thought of being attacked or overcome by an enemy of any type is fearful and beyond our ability to protect ourselves, so we call out for help–we pray. 

The question remains, “Why should we pray?” When  the last bomb has fallen and the last trigger has been pulled, the human breath and spirit remains through the capacity of a sovereign God to give that breath and endow that spirit. When the hand of the doctor is finished with his work, the power of God takes over to make sure that the work of the surgeon is not in vain. It is the unseen hand of God that heals the wound of those in need. It is God who seeks to heal and save those He has created. He preserves them to live life according to his purpose. If God does not grow and heal things, they die. Healing is not for our convenience. Healing is to encourage our desire to live according to our God given purposes. Healing is only good when it encourages a person to “tune” their life to the way God has intended them to live. It is only then that one can become all that God created them to be. It’s interesting that with all the productivity of the human race, we have no capacity to either grow or heal what we touch. 

There is a power beyond ourselves that takes the seed we plant and the incision that is stapled by the doctor and make it all respond to its created state of being The seeds grow and the incision heals because God grows things and heals the body of the patient. (John 4) 

 If you would like to acquire copies of the pamphlet “Why Should We Pray?” please respond and I will send you the info. If you would like to know how to bring revival and empowerment to the work of your church read “More Than Volunteers.”


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