Living On The Edge

I read this week that in 1961 a B52 Bomber broke up over North Carolina and came just one switch away from detonating a nuclear bomb that was 260 times the power of the one dropped on Hiroshima. There are many ways that peril comes to us but no matter how many agencies are protecting our back, we never know how close we are to the bullet with our name on it.  

 In spite of that we live in hope and anticipation that only good things will happen in our lives. When bad things happen and we are called on to go through the valley of testing, despair, and even death, most people seem to rise to the occasion and overcome because where there is life there is hope. The world seems to be in a downward spiral with the lack of ideas as how to save humanity when there are floods, earthquakes, storms, and fires. Maybe it is time to turn again to the idea that there is a God who desires to lift us out of the miry clay of life and set our feet on the solid rock of his redemptive plan provided through Jesus Christ his Son. 

 From the very beginning God has admonished us to master sin. A lot of people have the idea that sin is a thing. Sin is not a thing. It is a state of being created when anyone at anytime moves beyond the corridor of any required discipline in life and determines to do it some other way than it is created to be done. 

 Once the act of digression is committed, then the state of being of that particular discipline is desecrated and the state of sin is established. Every additional act of digression only adds to the depth of the desecration building on every other selfish act. The condition of sin becomes a path that ends up having its own wage. “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

 Every day we live on the edge of eternity. God’s desire and expectation is that we be reconciled to live life according to his created purpose, not on our own terms. His terms do not inhibit us but release us to love, hope, peace, assurance, and joy, making us free to participate in his full assurance of redemption both here and for eternity.

 Freedom from fear becomes part of the fabric of our existence as we walk in the light of his redemptive provision. He connects us with the world through the ministry of the Holy Spirit who dwells within every person that loves God and is called according to his purpose. 

 So as we walk through and each day look to the left and to the right, look also to the Savior who died for us and to the righteous life He has called us to embrace. Be confident that he is able to keep that which you commit to him until he meets you face to face and says well done you good and faithful servant. You are free. 


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