Path To Empowerment

There is always a lot of talk about empowerment, how to empower the weak and balance the power of wealth and poverty. There is an endless stream of words that are spewed out every day by people seeking to gain the advantage over someone else in some way or another. 

Politics is always a jumble of words that lead, as every politician will tell you, toward some sort of compromise and consensus. In order to find power you must concede power to the whole through the communal commitment of giving up some of your principle for the sake of getting something in return. Every time you compromise principle on the altar of consensus, you erode the very foundation of truth that brought you into the arena of addressing fallible issues in the first place. 

 If politics is the art of compromise, then serving becomes a subterfuge of erosional spin that will one day lead to the collapse of relationships whether it be personal, corporate, communal, national or worldwide. The one exception is the commitment made to God in Jesus Christ. In Him we must be willing to die for the decisions we make without compromise.   

 Most leadership books have good points. Someone has said that if you can read a book and take away one good point, it is worth the reading. I feel that if you read my book you will take away many good points. Some will be for pastors. Some will be for leaders. Others will be for those just starting out on their pilgrimage to understand God’s expectation and how it all works.

 I have heard many people present formulas for empowerment. The topic is expanded in my book, but I think the following is a good platform for thinking about how to empower people. What must we do when it comes to individuals? 

  1. We must energize the soul. If people are not stirred in their spirit to rise up and address their own destiny, then all the money and programs in the world are not going to help solve their problems of fulfillment in life’s purpose.
  2. We must educate the mind. The energy of the soul and heart always move to the head for direction and application. If we do not educate the mind, the lost will remain lost to the future. 1 Samuel 2:3 The Lord is a God of knowledge and by him actions are weighed. 
  3. We must enable the body to get it done. This is not a point of entitlement, but a point of assisting those who are paying the price of preparation to utilize the opportunities within their circumstances to change their world. 

 That is the personal side of empowerment. There is also a corporate side dealt with in the book. This is the side that both the public and private institutions must do to encourage and produce generations of people who care and continue to make their contribution to the world.

 Now all of this sets on a foundation of values and ethics that are taken from the Bible. I believe the Bible is not primarily a religious book, but a book of divine principles upon which to build a proper social structure. These principles are couched in stories, illustrations, and parables with the intent of bringing to life the vitality for empowerment for all of God’s creation.

 Take a look. My book, “More Than Volunteers” will help you with all of this and our interaction together can make it stronger. Feel free to write me and I will answer you to the best of my ability and conviction.


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