Nobody Knows

Somebody must know. What if the pass receiver in a football game said, “I didn’t know the quarterback was going to throw the ball. What if the driver of a car said, “I didn’t know you were supposed to stop on red.”  They would be told in no uncertain terms, “It is your job to know.” 

What is it your job to know? It is your job to know anything that you are ultimately responsible for in life. In leadership you are responsible for all those in your chain of dependency. If the people you have hired to carry out the tasks for which you are responsible do not carry them out as they should, they should be fired. If you are protecting them from their inability to be functionally responsible, then the leader should be fired for being an inadequate leader. 

If children today carry out crimes, there are many who feel that their parents should carry some of the blame and should be indicted and put into jail along with their children. Yet in the leadership of the country both liberal and conservative leaders seem to find someone else to blame for their bad decisions.  

The old spiritual goes, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows but Jesus.” But then again in today’s world “nobody knows” doesn’t even want to sign on to getting guidance from Jesus because that would be a conflict between church and state. What is state anyway? Is it the state of order or confusion. I think in politics a state of confusion is winning.

It seems like there are few politicians who will answer a straight question or own up to who’s behind the errors that are being made in government oversight. What happened to Truman’s “The buck stops here.” There is a major battle going on between hoping that things will turn out all right in the end and knowing that they will. The new Health Care Law is in football terms a “hail Mary.” Whether they like religion of not, the President and his minions have theoretically  desecrated the so called separation of church and state posture they so often tout by tossing a “hail Mary” into the American marketplace. Nobody knows where this health care entitlement is going to end up. We all knew this because honest Nancy told us from the beginning that we must experience it before we will know what is in it. Well, now we have begun to experience it and so far we still don’t know the outcome.

Between the “nobody knows” and the “keep hope alive” possibilities there is a lot of dysfunctional thinking going on because “nobody knows.” People can’t sign up and people’s present policies are cancelled. People do not qualify and the populous is destabilized. At the end of this saga the poor will still be poor and the rich will run for cover. “Nobody knows” who holds the future except those whose hope is in the Lord.

Perhaps the time has come. Maybe even now God is writing Ichabod over the door of our nation. We hope not, but it could be true. If the United States slips from its perch of world dominance, the rest of the world will race to fill the gap that our weakened Republic has left in its wake. As I like to say to all those who trust in Christ and believe in God’s word, “Never fear, the same God who brought us this far will take us all the way home.” 


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