It’s In The Book

Old church

Old church (Photo credit: Augapfel)

As I look at all the programs we have for bringing revival to the church, I see that most of them are focused on creating better ways to entertain and hold the attention of the people. Very few of our programs require any price to be paid by individuals for commitment to their statement of faith or membership.

There is a measure of expectation when people join a church. We hope that they will both attend and give money to support the church’s programs. While that might be a good thing, it is not what the church is all about. The church is about preparing its constituency to live in victory over today’s circumstances and look ahead to spending eternity in heaven.

In my book “More Than Volunteers” I give seven elements a church group can embrace that will change its capacity to minister forever. In over 50 years of ministry, I have taken the observations and training I have received from many sources and poured them onto the pages of this book. It follows a model that I believe is in concert with the first century church.

This book encourages us to reach out and touch the lives of people around us. It motivates us to understand the urgency of the Biblical message. It defines and matches the people who respond with the proper ministry areas. It establishes mentorship initiatives that help new people grow into the tasks of their ministry area. It defines the ministry areas so that people can take a real look at what they are being asked to do. It monitors the flow of service so people can rise to their greatest level of productivity. It creates a meaningful maintenance program to help each person succeed at what they do so that their contribution to others will be enhanced and sustained.

Jesus did this with his disciples and we should continue to do it with people as they enter the arena of service because of their commitment to Jesus Christ. Jesus went to the boats and called men. He collected a tax collector. He enlisted others to “follow him.” He equipped them to become fishers of men and women.

First we must connect with the world of people. Then we must create a climate for the Holy Spirit to work his work in their lives. Then we must nurture and equip them as they find their place in the “Priesthood of Believers.”  All the while we must never take our eyes off the goal we have to preach the gospel and teach those who respond to observe all things that He has commanded us.

This process takes great commitment and work for those who are in leadership. The end result will be fruitful for all who are willing to pay the price for bringing the church back to its original purpose of taking the gospel to the world and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

All the good things that are done for the people in the world by the church can be replicated by any well meaning organization except the miracle of redemption. The church should be an organism that takes people who are in the world and leads them to being a people not of the world. This is the key to one’s assurance of eternal life. I hope you all will read my book and put these principles to work along with your own Spirit led plans and ideas.

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