Reflecting Back On Bethlehem


Nativity (Photo credit: RyaTur)

I’m sorry I didn’t get a blog up last week but I appreciate all of you who regularly check out my website. I welcome any responses you might have as to the material I share each week. I will be posting again at the end of this week but I thought this reflection on the day Christ was born might be interesting to all of you. The following are my reflections.

Reflecting back on Bethlehem the city of His birth

Thoughts give way to light and hope He brought to human worth

As He began life’s awesome journey on that first Christmas day

His presence spread throughout the world to show us all the way.

The Glory of God shined forth into the night of pain

The gift of God is light and life to all who seek the gain

The Grace of God is sufficient for inclusion of the world

From the manger to the cross His freedom is unfurled.

The Savior came and gave Himself for all the human race

He taught and modeled service in the fullness of His grace

He walked the road with others, broke bread and kicked the dust

He talked and as the living Word encouraged faith and trust.

Two thousand years of history have passed and still it stands

The work of Christ has spread all throughout the lands

The world began to change when His glory pierced the night

And from his living active Word we walk in fellowship and light.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season 2013!


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