Jesus Lost The Vote

Just a couple of days ago I went to see the film “Son of God.” I thought it was a good it-is-finishedrepresentation of the power and presence of God in the world through the work of Jesus Christ his Son. As I watched the film a few thoughts were running through my mind.

Why is there such power in the name of Jesus, a name that is above every name? The film followed the stream of Christ’s miracles. I saw played out on the screen the work of one who made the abnormal normal in his work on earth. He made the blind to see, the lame to walk. He cast out demons and raised the dead. All of the lives he touched brought people back to normalcy from an abnormal state.

The second thought that ran through my mind came at the moment when the political and religious leaders of the day took their stand against Jesus under the guise that He had committed blasphemy against the law. They then proceeded to set free a murderer by the name of Barabbas rather than the Son of God. In the film, they herded those who were intimidated by the leaders’ position and politics into the public square, shutting out those who were followers of Jesus. The political minions inside the courtyard voted to crucify Jesus and release Barabbas. I thought of the song lyrics, “He could have called ten thousand angels but He died alone for you and me.”

Now two thousand years later we are still playing the same game. The high priests of our democracy are obsessed with the need to protect their positions and preserve their right to rule. They stack the deck every day in order to manipulate the social agenda to their own liking. They cater to those who will yell and scream out on their behalf so the outcome can be assured. Billions of dollars are spent in the name of helping the poor, when in fact much of it is spent to manipulate the poor to be loyal to the voting machine of those who crave the benefits embedded in the empty promises of their politics.

There are a couple of observations I want to make related to Jesus losing the people vote. The first is that voting does not determine truth. The law of the 51% vote does not change any of the foundational truth that governs the universe. The real result of the majority vote is to give indication as to what the majority of people have been influenced to believe and think they want.  The thirst for power still reigns today. It’s been 2,000 years since the high priests stacked the deck to preserve their positions and protect the rituals of their religion. Even in a representative government, human nature drives the leaders of today to continue their exploitation of the common people. Has there really been any change in the nature of human dominance or response?

Jesus did not respond to people’s wants but focused on meeting people’s needs. When it came to the Roman government, Pilate found no fault in Jesus but submitted to the politics of the religious leaders in order to keep peace and protect his position.

The second point I would like to make is one my dad taught me. When I raised the question as to when to resist and when to surrender he would always say, “Any old dead fish can float down stream but it takes a live one to swim against the current.”  Whatever is influencing your life today, be sure of what you believe. Then carry out the goals of those beliefs no matter what the cost may be. Never get caught up in the crowd and end up regretting it in the long run.

The third point is about love. Virgil in EclogueX stated, “Omnia vincit amor.”  Love conquers all. I was reminded of the conquering power of love as I watched the “Son of God” film. Love is the source of all relational bonding. God’s love is so overwhelming that it is beyond comprehension in human understanding. We savor the parts of love that reveal themselves to us. We live for the parts of love we can use to build connections with each other. True love moves through the feelings of the moment to bond people together for all the hardships of life. God’s love drove him to become human and to lay down his life for humanity.

In summary: “The Son of God” film reminded me again of the battle that Jesus fought from a position of total submission. Paying the price for our sin was endured so that we can have victory over sin.  As we pray for strength and direction, let us commit ourselves to living where God answers prayer.

How do we do that? Know what you believe. Live what you believe. Stand for what you believe. Exist in the power of his love and grace. In effect be who you are, saved by grace, a new creature in Christ Jesus and “the workmanship of Jesus Christ” who died to set you free from the law of sin and death.



2 thoughts on “Jesus Lost The Vote

  1. Kurt Arrow

    You are very wise. Nice post. Part of my work is to expose what I call “The System” which is what you described that the leaders are simply assuring themselves of power and wealth. Few of them serve the people that their position is intended for. People are unknowingly being controlled mentally and financially.


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